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How do we know when it’s working?

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We seem to hear the most about ed tech startups early on- when they launch their flagship product or get some funding. But we rarely hear about them quietly sinking into oblivion. That’s why “2010-2011 Ed-Tech Startups: Where Are They Now ” from Audrey Watters at Hack Education caught my eye.… keep reading

Embracing Fear and Failure

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Failure and fear are close relations. To put it broadly, we fail when our expectations don’t match an outcome. We remember this often negative experience and can become fearful when we perceive a chance of failure in the future.… keep reading

Construct a solid vision to boost your impact

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We all have good ideas, but people who create lasting change dedicate themselves to ideas with impact. This means we want to affect change beyond our immediate environment. We can’t know exactly how much impact our ideas will have, but there are ways to ensure we’re getting off on the right foot.
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